New Years Ready: A 15 minute mani!

Essie Licorice and Depend Stamping Nail Polish 6703.

Polish Rating: Essie: A+; Depend; A

Difficulty Rating: 3

A quick New Years manicure!

Essie Licorice and Depend Stamping Nail Polish 6703.

Hey All,

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break — and got to enjoy good food and time with your families. I know mine was great, though I do feel like all my clothes are just that tad bit tighter! O_o

I used Depend Stamping Nail Polish 6703 and Essie Licorice for this quick manicure. I used a nail stamping plate from MoYou, from Olive the Sailor and it was the Sailor Collection 03 plate. I love this plate!

MoYou stamping kit Olive the Sailor Stamping Nail Art Plate Collection. Sailor Collection 03

I used the design on the top left.

I started with a base of Licorice, and then used the Depend 6703 to stamp on the design, once my base was touch dry (I use Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops to help speed this process up).

Tips and Tricks:

  • Move quickly to avoid your polish drying and becoming difficult to stamp.
  • Keep some scotch tape around to get off remaining polish from your stamp.
  • Remember to use a base coat with darker colors to avoid staining!
  • If you have gel polish, I’d recommend using a shellac as your base, so if you make any mistakes you can quickly remove the polish and start over, without having to redo your base. I don’t have shellac, but I didn’t feel like any nails were too bad this time round (I was also under a bit of a time pressure to complete this mani) so I didn’t redo any.
  • Remember that no one will look as closely at your nails as a camera will, and the overall effect will look great, even if there are some small imperfections! 🙂

Essie Licorice and Depend Stamping Nail Polish 6703.

Essie Licorice and Depend Stamping Nail Polish 6703.


There you have it, a quick, eye-catching manicure that will have you ready for New Year’s in no time! If, like me, you have a Brazilian mother who is extremely superstitious, and you don’t wear black on New Years (it’s bad luck, apparently. Instead, you should wear the color that symbolizes what you want in the New Year, and black symbolizes death) you can always switch the black out with a dark red (symbolizing passion) or another color!


What do you think? Do you have New Year traditions for luck? What do you want most in 2014?


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