Review: Depend Rough Sparkle Collection

Depend Rough Sparkle Collection: Poppy

Polish Ratings: [Depend] Poppy: A; Jade Vine: A; Forget Me Not: A; Primrose: A+

Depend Rough Sparkle Collection Review.

Depend Rough Sparkle Collection: Poppy

Hey All,

Today’s post is a review of the Depend Rough Sparkle Collection, which features six shades. I have four of them, I’m only missing the purple and silver ones. The Rough Sparkle Collection is designed so that the polishes can be worn with or without top coat: textured and glittery without, and über glittery with! It’s rare that I love a whole collection (well, ok, so I’m missing two colors, but still!) and that the formulas on a whole collection can be so awesome! Seriously, Depend has stepped up their game with this one.

I’ve already posted the individual posts I’ve used each color in, but I thought it would make sense to gather them together in to one post: so you can get a feel for the collection as a whole.

The red on the far left is Poppy, a lit-from-within red textured glitter which also shines gold. This one takes two coats for full opacity, and definitely drinks a lot of top coat — as you can see from my pictures below (one layer of top coat). I think two coats of top coat would probably be enough to lose the texture, but I quite like the look of this.

Depend Rough Sparkle Collection: PoppyDepend Rough Sparkle Collection: PoppyNext up is Jade Vine, (2nd from the left) a light gorgeous green which sparkles silver. It needs less top coat, and you can see the full glittery effect that top coat adds to this collection. WOW! I used two easy coatsDepend Rough Sparkle: Jade VineDepend Rough Sparkle: Jade VineFourth from the left comes Forget Me Not, a gorgeous periwinkle blurple that shines so silvery. Another great formula, needing two coats for full opacity. Below you can see it layered over Essie Mesmerized, and also sponged on.Essie Mezmerised and Depend Rough Sparkle Forget Me Not Nr. 2065Essie Mezmerised and Depend Rough Sparkle Forget Me Not Nr. 2065As you can see, it leans quite silver when it’s layered, but I have it on my toes and the periwinkle  is more evident.

Last, but not least in the slightest, is Primrose (far right) a glorious ONE COAT pink that really blew me away. You can see it layered and sponge on my Thumb, ring and pinky fingers. Seriously. One coat. W.I.C by Heróme: Frederiksberg; Nicole by OPI: One Less Lonely Glitter; Depend: Nr.2062.W.I.C by Heróme: Frederiksberg; Nicole by OPI: One Less Lonely Glitter; Depend: Nr.2062.

What do you think? Which colors are your favorite from this collection? Have you tried the silver or purple? What are your thoughts?

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