Mermaid Inspired Nails

Depend Nr. 351 and OH MY GOSH 037 Ocean Blue

Polish Rating: Depend: B-; OH MY GOSH: A-

Difficulty Rating: 1

Quick Mermaid Inspired Nails.

Hey all!

Today’s post is inspired by mermaids! Why, you ask? Well, this year in Denmark The Little Mermaid celebrated her 100th birthday!

Most of you know Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid, but the story was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author. The statue itself is really quite bitty, but it’s one of the main tourist attractions in Denmark nonetheless. It’s situated in a really picturesque area in Copenhagen, and in spring loads of cherry blossom trees, which are planted in the surrounding areas, are in bloom – making this one of my favorite places to visit.

For this manicure, I used: Depend 351 from the Depend Autumn 2013 Collection, and OH MY GOSH in 037 Ocean Blue.

Depend Nr. 351 and OH MY GOSH 037 Ocean Blue

Depend Nr. 351 and OH MY GOSH 037 Ocean Blue

Depend Nr. 351 and OH MY GOSH 037 Ocean Blue

While the bronze statue itself isn’t made particularly mermaid-y colors, I used other portrayals of mermaids as inspiration for this simple manicure.

Disney Mermaid

Beautiful blues and greens.   Image Source

I started with Depend Nr. 351, on top of my base coat. Especially with blues and darker colors, base coats are important to avoid staining of the nails.

Depend Nr. 351

Depend Nr. 351

I used three coats of this deep teal/turquoise/ocean blue metallic formula polish. The polish was easy to apply, but the formula was on the thin side, and if you were to wear it on it’s own, you’d need three generous coats for full opacity… maybe four. But who has time for all those layers?! 😦 The color was truly beautiful in the bottle, but the formula left a lot to be desired.

Depend Nr. 351 and OH MY GOSH 037 Ocean Blue

I then layered Ocean Blue over Nr. 351. Ocean Blue is a glitter formula with royal blue and grass green glitter pieces – which come in two sizes – suspended in a clear ase. I used two coats of this polish. If you wanted to build full opacity with this glitter polish, it might take you several coats. If you want to use it for layering, then it’s pretty lovely! It was relatively easy to get a good distribution on the brush, and it was also easy to arrange the glitter pieces on the nail.

Depend Nr. 351 and OH MY GOSH 037 Ocean BlueI think the overall effect reminds me of the sea, and in person they really did shine!

Depend Nr. 351 and OH MY GOSH 037 Ocean Blue

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