Polish Review: No7 Star Shower

No7 Star Shower


Polish Rating: B+

Polish review of No7 Stay Pefect Nail Color in Star Shower.

Hey All!

Today’s post is a quick review of No7’s Star Shower. I picked this up in Boots during my trip to the UK recently, but cannot seem to find anywhere online that still sells it! So I suppose this is for those of you who have access to No7 products in your local beauty stores, you lucky ducks, you! They make a High Lights Illuminating Lotion that I really miss. *sigh* I can see on the Boots Website that they’re planning on doing international shipping soon, so there might be hope for those of us who’ve been craving No7 and other brands that Boots carries!

… But, I digress.

Star Shower is  a glass fleck formula polish. For those of you new to the types and finishes of nail polish, glass fleck polishes look as though they have small glass particles (or flecks) in them, and these flecks are often suspended in a jelly base.

No7 Star Shower

Glass fleck formulas often mean that they have quite sheer formulas, and also tend to be duo- or multi-chrome in color; due to the flecks of color. These are often good pieces for layering on top of others. Star Shower is quite sheer, requiring 3 coats to reach opacity, and even then there are some VNL (Visible Nail Lines).

No7 Star Shower


Star Shower has a brown jelly base, and there are gold, blue, and copper flecks suspended in this base. This means that the polish really catches the light beautifully – and I can imagine this polish looking really great layered over more opaque colors; this would really make the flecks pop.

No7 Star Shower

In another review by Pie’s Eyes & Other Sparkly Stories I’ve heard the color described as a “the sort of glitter that’s suitable for people who don’t really wear glitter“, and I must say I concur! It’s subtle and work-appropriate, and it’s a brown that I can imagine suiting most skin tones. I felt that even I, as a melanin-challenged individual, could pull  this color off, with the gold flecks in the manicure keeping it a warm shade that didn’t make me look deathly pale.

What do you think? Are you a fan of glass fleck formulas? What colors do you think this would be great layered over?



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