Jewelry Inspired #5: Zombie Green?

Essie Shake Your $$ Maker

Essie Shake Your $$ Maker

Difficulty rating: 2

Polish Rating: Essie: C+; China Glaze: A+

Another jewelry inspired mani… with a wee twist.

Today’s post is a jewelry and shoe inspired look, using one of Essie’s Neon Collection 2013 polishes. Namely, Shake Your $$ Maker.

So, I bought this sugar skull necklace while visiting New Orleans last year, and I bought it because it sort of matched these babies:

zombie stompers

Zombie Stompers (image source)

They are called Zombie Stompers, and are pretty much the coolest shoes in the history of shoe. (Well ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but they are very exciting). They come from a brand called Iron Fist, and they also exist as high-heels.

I originally purchased Shake Your $$ Maker in the hopes that it would match both these shoes and my sugar skull necklace. The color is incredibly hard to photograph, however.

Essie Shake Your $$ Maker

Shake Your $$ Maker is a bright, happy green.  In some lights it really looks neon, while in others it looks like a grass green. In all of my photos it looks like a variation of grass green, but be aware that it is part of the Neon Collection for a reason!

I must say, for Essie, the formula wasn’t too exciting. I knew it was a jelly formula when I was buying it, which is a formula I often have trouble falling in love with if it’s not being layered, but since it was such a nice neon version of grass green I went for it anyway.

This polish was very sheer and needed 3 coats to become opaque.

Essie Shake Your $$ Maker

Essie Shake Your $$ Maker one coat, not over white

Over a white base I still needed to use two coats. It was also a wee bit streaky, which really added to my disenchantment. Still, once the color was on over white, it did look quite cool!

Essie Shake Your $$ Maker

Essie Shake Your $$ Maker with China Glaze Running in Circles

I tried doing a gradient with China Glaze Running in Circles, which is a color I have used before for St. Patty’s Day and is one of my favorite glitters. I think I preferred the polish on it’s own, though, before I got all gradient-y with it. I could have settled for doing one accent nail in Running in Circles. Which is something I will definitely consider when trying to match my nails to this necklace again.


Have you tried any of the  Essie Neon Collection 2013? What were your experiences with the formulas?


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