Polish review: Revlon Girly

Revlon Girly

Revlon Girly

Polish Rating: B-

Polish review of Revlon Girly (260), from the Bubble Gum Days/Urban Nights Collection.

Today I have a polish review for you, of Revlon Girly a jelly-based glitter polish.

I have seen reviews which describe the jelly base color as a translucent bubblegum pink, while others state that it’s more of a lilac that leans pink. I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle. While it does look bubblegum pink in the bottle, because of it’s jelly-like formula, it does become a bit more understated when it’s applied to the nail.

Revlon Girly

Suspended in the base are fuchsia, dark purple, and salmon pink hex glitters – with a generous, and eye-catching, sprinkle of small holographic glitter in a thulian pink. Starting to see why it’s called Girly? This polish is not playing around when it comes to covering the pink spectrum!

Revlon Girly

Revlon Girly – Packed with glitter!

It’s quite hard to capture glitter polish in the first place – nevermind all the different types and sizes that are happenin’ in this polish!

If you like glitter and you like pink, this polish is great. I’m not normally one for jelly formula polishes (at least on their own) as they often tend to mean VNLs (visible nail lines) and that irks me a bit. However, for Girly, this works for me. The jelly formula means that you can actually see the different layers of glitter suspended on your nail, and this creates a really excellent depth to the manicure. Also, in terms of VNL and opacity, this formula worked well – for my swatches I used two coats over a bare nail.

Revlon Girly

I can imagine this polish works really well with layering, too. Any pinks, lilacs or even a white base color would make this  polish pop even more, and make the glitter really stand out.

Revlon Girly

“So,” I hear you say, “why the B- rating if you think this polish is the bees knees?”.

Excellent question.

It all comes down to the formula. The glitter is generously added to the polish, and in terms of application this means you don’t have to do a lot of fishing in the bottle to get really good glitter distribution on your brush. Love this part.

The formula, however, is really really thin. This does mean that the glitter slides around on the nail quite a bit, and getting a good polish distribution on the brush can be a bit tricky. The glitter pieces do have a tendency to pool on the sides of the nail because of this, so you do need to work in thin coats and with some patience.

Overall, though. This is one of my favorite jellies to-date! 

What do you think? Have you tried Girly before? Any great recommendations for other jelly formulas that’ll make me change my mind about them once and for all?


2 thoughts on “Polish review: Revlon Girly

  1. maggie says:

    Loved it! very fresh, simple and happy

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