OPI The Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection Review

OPI Honey Ryder; OPI Pussy Galore; OPI Solitaire

OPI Honey Ryder; OPI Pussy Galore; OPI Solitaire

Polish Review: Honey Ryder: A; Pussy Galore: B+ ; Solitaire: B-.

In celebration of 50 years of James Bond, OPI released six new Liquid Sand Nail Lacquers which were named after and inspired by some of the most iconic Bond Girls: Solitaire, Pussy Galore, Tiffany Case, Vesper, Honey Ryder, and Jinx. The collection was released in May 2013 and should be available in most beauty stores near you.

Image taken from: http://www.babble.com/beauty/bond-girls-new-opi-liquid-sand-nail-lacquers/

Image taken from: here

For those of you who do not have experience with liquid sand, these polishes do not need a top coat and are textured polishes – they have a bumpy, sandy, feel to them (hence the name) with a matte finish which has reflective sparkles.

When I first started seeing the textured polish trend emerge, I felt like this:

Image taken from here http://9gag.com/gag/anqp1gn

Image taken from here 

But I must say they have grown on me, and now when I see a new textured polish collection, I feel more like this:

Image taken from here http://evansheline.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/happy-dog.jpg

Image taken from here 

They’re not for everyone, and I will say that as someone who puts on much of her makeup using her fingers, the textured, grainy finish to the nail polish does pick up and trap foundation within itself – which means scrubbing my nail polish clean in the morning has become part of my beauty routine when I wear these polishes. Other than that, the Liquid Sand collection offers some of my most favorite textured finishes because they add reflective glitter to their formula, making your nails look more like they were ‘meant to be this way’ (which, of course, they are!) rather than a gloopy mistake. (Anyone else feel this way when they wear some textured polish? I sometimes worry that from afar they’ll make me look like someone who can’t paint her nails properly!)

In addition to this, Liquid Sand formulas often mean really quick drying times – which makes these polishes great for quick manicures!

I have looked at the following colors from the collection:

OPI Honey Ryder; OPI Pussy Galore; OPI Solitaire

OPI Honey Ryder; OPI Pussy Galore; OPI Solitaire

I chose Honey RyderPussy Galore, and Solitaire  to take home with me. I think I may pick up Jinx, because some of the swatches I have seen have made that color look amazing!

But I’m not sure about Vesper, as the swatches I’ve seen of it  haven’t blown me away. As to Tiffany Case, I already own  OPI’s Mariah Carey Collection Liquid Sand in Get your Number, which is one of my favorite textured polishes of all time, so I’m not sure if Tiffany Case could really compete, and if they are really that different to each other that I’d need both.

Pussy Galore is a pale pink color which has some reflective pink glitter in it. It dries matte, like all polishes in this collection, and I was pleased to see that two coats was all it took for full opacity. In the world of pale pink polish, that’s pretty impressive.


It is definitely a lumpy, bumpy texture – and I like that even though it dried matte, that there was a pearly undertone to this polish that made it dynamic.


Solitaire is a pearly white with bits of silver reflective micro-glitter in it. It was probably the least textured of the bunch. While it is clearly a textured polish, the bits of ‘sand’ seemed more finely grained compared to the other two polishes.


I have read reviews complaining that Solitaire needs 3 coats for full opacity (and that this affected drying time) but I didn’t think this was a serious culprit for VNL (visible nail lines). I used two coats. If you’re hesitant about trying out the textured trend, and also worried about wearing crazy nail trends to work, then Solitaire might be the polish for you to start out with. Personally, I wanted a bit more texture and a bit more sparkle.


I didn’t see how pixilated the above photo was before I transferred it on to my computer, but you can sort of get a feel for how the flecks of color interact in this polish.

And now, my favorite:


Honey Ryder. This color is seriously cool. It’s a warm yellow-gold color, with gritty bits of sand and reflective gold micro glitter. Up close this really looks like pyrite (‘fool’s gold’) and it really catches the light nicely. Out of the three, this is my favorite.


You can see how the color looks in different lighting, as well as an up-close view of how textured this polish is. I really love this color!

OPI Honey Ryder; OPI Pussy Galore; OPI Solitaire.

OPI Honey Ryder; OPI Pussy Galore; OPI Solitaire.

What do you think? Have you picked up any polishes from the OPI James Bond collection? Have you tried textured polish before?


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