A-List Creme: Essie Licorice Polish Review

polish review essie licorice creme


Essie Licorice

Essie Licorice


Polish Review: A+

A-list creme polish: Essie Licorice.

This creme polish is a dream to use. Two thin coats and it’s fully opaque, with lots of shine – and, to be honest, you might be able to get away with one thick coat. Love. Like with all dark polishes, I always wear a base coat underneath to prevent staining of the nails.

 Licorice is a true black – seriously, jet black – it doesn’t have a blue or purple sheen to it. It’s just black – and gloriously shiny. All the pictures in this post are Licorice, on its own, with no top coat (only Mavala Oil Seal Dryer to speed up the drying process).

polish review essie licorice2

Like most Essie polishes, Licorice’s formula has delightful self-leveling qualities that mean that application is smooth and easy. While the Essie brushes are thinner than other brands, Licorice’s fans out well, and combined with its formula, allows you to cover a good portion of your nail with each stroke – covering your entire nail in two strokes.

For those of you who are concerned with those 3 polish ingredients you’re supposed to avoid in nail polish: DPB (Dibutyl phthalate), Touline, and Formaldehyde-Resin; Essie doesn’t have the first two, but does contain Formaldehyde-Resin. As to what the ramifications are of those 3 ingredients are, I’m not entirely sure, and I like my polish collection much too much to say goodbye to any of them. I do respect that this is a concern for some, however.

I’ve seen other reviews of Licorice, and have heard that it has a longer-than-usual drying time – but I used Mavala’s Oil Seal Dryer, and did not notice this issue myself.

polish review essie licorice3

Have you tried Essie Licorice before? What’s your go-to black polish? Mine used to be Mourning Glory  by OPI, but after the shine on Essie, I don’t think I can go back. Don’t get me wrong, Mourning Glory was a great black – OPI generally rock with their formulas. I just like the finish on Licorice more.

Essie did not provide me with this polish for review – all the polishes that appear on my blog, unless expressly stated otherwise, are chosen and purchased by me simply because I think they’re great.




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