Jewelry inspired mani #4: Monday blues

Essie Beyond Cozy & Mint Candy Apple, and N°7 in Totally Teal.

Essie Beyond Cozy & Mint Candy Apple, and N°7 in Totally Teal.

Polish rating: Essie: Beyond Cozy: A+; Mint Candy Apple: B-; N°7: B

Difficulty rating: 4-5

Jewelry inspired taping manicure

Hey all,


Today’s post is another variant of this post, where I decided to play around with the little triangles and their placement, and use a ring I had as color inspiration.

In this post, I discuss the issues of using tape in a manicure, and I will say that I have yet to master perfecting my tape technique. For the purposes of this manicure, it doesn’t matter – particularly because you are going to outline the triangles with a thin striping brush, covering your uneven marks, like in my cardigan nail post. I am looking forward to learning more about tape, and trying out different types of tape, since this is an area where I really struggle.


For this post, I used Essie: Beyond Cozy and Mint Candy Apple, as well as N°7 in Totally Teal.


I started with a base of Mint Candy Apple.

Mint Candy Apple in different lights

Mint Candy Apple in different lights

Beyond Cozy is a color I’ve covered before, and continue to love. It is a silvery/gold glitter that packs a punch in terms of opacity. Two coats and you’re good to go. Mint Candy Apple is described as a ‘creme de menthe mint’ color which swings between sky blue and turquoise, depending on the light. Unlike other Essie colors, I found Mint Candy Apple to lack the self-leveling quality that I normally love and have come to expect from Essie. It needed two very generous coats (or three thin coats) to become opaque, and its thick formula made application a bit of a pain. Still, once a top coat was applied the color looked gorgeous. Totally Teal is a teal color that leans towards a forest/pine green. There are some application issues with Totally Teal, but in two generous coats you have full opacity.

Make-up sponge and scotch tape

Make-up sponge and scotch tape

After your Mint Candy Apple base has dried, it’s time to decide where you want your triangles. Using regular scotch tape I made a triangular shape to use as a guide. The scotch tape I had was not especially sticky, so I did not need to stick it to my hand a couple of times to make sure it didn’t rip of my base layer – but if your tape is sticky this is a step you may want to consider. In an attempt to avoid bleeding of nail polish under the tape, and to create a different effect, I decided to sponge on Totally Teal.

Mint Candy Apple and Totally Teal (pre-clean up)

Mint Candy Apple and Totally Teal (pre-clean up)

As you can see, there was still a bit of bleeding under the tape, even in spite of my sponging on the color. In hindsight I could have made multiple triangles rather than reusing the same one piece of tape (which did lose its ability to stick). I think it is important, however, to do one nail at a time so that you don’t have pesky bits of tape hanging all over the place. As I mentioned earlier, the triangles don’t have to be perfect since you will be outlining them. I played around with the placement of the triangles, placing them in different areas of my nail.


I then used a striping brush (which is really just a thin paint brush) and Beyond Cozy to outline the triangles.


What do you think? Have you had experience taping before? Do you have problems with bleeding color?





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