They call it Mellow Yellow

Electrical banana, Is gonna be a sudden craze. Electrical banana, Is bound to be the very next phase. They call it mellow yellow. They call me mellow yellow. They call me mellow yellow.

Ciaté Loop the Loop & Essie Matte about You

Ciaté Loop the Loop & Essie Matte about You

Difficulty level: 2

Polish rating: B+

Matte and ‘French tip’ sunshine yellow nails.

Hey all,


Today’s post is a simple matte manicure with ‘French tip’ in sunshine yellow.

I used Ciaté’s Loop the Loop which is a crème sunshine yellow. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, getting a yellow color that is streak free and opaque in two coats is a bit of a pipe dream for me so far, and appears to be a general issue in formula across the nail polish board. While Loop the Loop was not problem free at all – it needed three coats for full opacity and did have moderate streaking issues – it does blow all of the other yellows I have tried out of the water.



This was my first experience with Ciaté and I am not disappointed. I think the design of the bottle is cutely feminine (I love that bow!) and unique, but its square design does kind of mess with my stash set up (though their bottles are narrower than most brands).

On top of Loop the Loop, I used Essie Matte About You top coat to give my manicure a matte effect. I originally experimented with both using tape to help me with the French tips, and using free hand.

I looked at this tutorial and substituted the really clever idea of paper hole reinforcements for normal scotch tape since my nails are more squared.



I will say that there is a delicate balance for using tape in manicures. Some say wait until the polish has dried before removing your tape guide, and other say to wait a minute or two and then remove the tape, pulling in the direction of the tip. Step four of the tutorial says: “Step 4: Remove tape or reinforcement AFTER the polish has dried” and this may well be the case for paper hole reinforcements, but I am on the fence when it comes to tape.

If you remove the tape too quickly you risk smudging the polish, and if you wait too late that means you’ve essentially just glued some tape to your nail! Making sure that the tape is just the right kind of sticky is another thing to take into consideration. Too sticky and you risk lifting/ripping off your base color with the tape, and if it’s not sticky enough some of the polish can bleed under the tape. As a beginner, I’m still learning about this.



You can see the slight bleed on my middle and ring finger, though from afar this is really not an issue. If you have a steady hand, then doing your tips freehand is probably faster. Just be careful not to make too thick a layer of polish for your tip, since you can’t really level out the polish with a top coat if you’re going matte.


What do you think? Have you tried a matte french tip manicure before? What are your thoughts on yellow polish, would you give that a try?




2 thoughts on “They call it Mellow Yellow

  1. maggie says:

    This one I liked it very much XX

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