A-List Polish: Glitter #1



Petunia Sparkles

Petunia Sparkles

Polish rating: A+

A-list Polish: Category: Glitter – Petunia Sparkles

Hey all,

Today’s post is a new theme I’d like to introduce to this blog, and that’s of A-List Polishes: posts and reviews of some of my all time favorite polishes for each genre: textured, glitter, creme, metallic – well, you get the picture.

Today, I’ll be looking at Petunia Sparkles by Nubar, which falls under the ‘glitter’ category of awesome (a-list) nail polishes out there.

It’s my first experience with Nubar, and I am not disappointed. This polish is absolutely packed with glitter suspended in a clear base, and two coats are all you need for full opacity. It has a thin, easily maneuvered, brush to apply the polish with. Nubar has a whole Sparkles Collection and if every glitter in that collection shines as bright as Petunia Sparkles, I will be investing in more. Like all Nubar products, the Sparkles Nail Lacquers are free of formaldehyde, DBP (phthalate), and toluene, and are also vegan and cruelty free. 



Petunia Sparkles is described as a vivid magenta, and I suppose it’s a matter of taste, but I’d describe this as magenta on its way to violet.  Either way, this color shines like crazy and is a real attention grabber. If you’re out on a night in town (or even for New Years) and you need to make a statement with your nails, this glitter can live up to the task. Added bonus: glitter polishes dry faster than traditional cremes or metallic polishes, which is great if you perpetually are running late like me.


 Like many glitters, it has a textured feel when it is dry and it does drink up a bit of topcoat if you choose to work with that, so I’d recommend at least two generous coats. I chose not to use any top coat for these photos, as I don’t think this polish really needs it.

Again, like many glitter polishes, clean-up is not exactly fun, and you’ll need a good remover that means business. I personally use acetone for removing glitter, because I simply don’t have the patience for much else, but if you’re concerned about the strength of acetone and its impact on your nails/health, there are other removers on the market that might suit you better. If you do decide to use acetone, make sure to wash your hands after removing the polish and treat your nails and hands to some TLC. I like to use almond oil on my nails and Origins Make a Difference hand cream, because it is really great for my hands, seeps in quickly, and isn’t greasy.  (See this post for more tips on pampering your nails.) If the price tag that comes with Origins scares you a little bit (I got mine as a gift), I can also recommend Sally Hansen Age-Correct Firming Hand Cream. I subscribe to a monthly beauty box, and I received this cream last month and have been loving it since. It smells quite delicious and also sinks in to hands quickly. 


Aside clean-up, I have no complaints with this polish. And since I know this is the usual M.O. for glitter polishes, it doesn’t bother me much, because the sparkle pay-off is huuuge

What do you think? Have you had much experience with Nubar polish, or even others from the Sparkle collection? 





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