Jewelry inspired manicure #3: Gold & ‘Greige’

Essie Playa del Platinum and Essie Beyond Cozy

Essie Playa del Platinum and Essie Beyond Cozy

Difficulty level: 1

Polish rating: A

A subtle jewelry-inspired manicure

Hey all, Today’s post is another jewelry inspired manicure. Now that spring is really on the way (after a few false starts) and pesky winter gloves have been stored until next winter, that means big rings are back!

I got this jewelry set during my exchange in Bilbao, Spain in a small store in Casco Viejo that always smelled like bubblegum and had the cutest items. All the jewelry/bijouterie they had there was super unique and cute, and they also had handmade clothing that was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of what this store was called, but I’d imagine that Etsy (or a similar site) would also have some really cute and unique pieces in the same style. If you haven’t had a peek at Etsy before, it’s a site that focuses on handmade items or crafts and features an insane amount of quirky, beautiful and interesting things – including indie brand nail polish.


For this manicure I used Essie in Beyond Cozy (accent nail) and Essie Playa del Platinum. I’ve been in love with Beyond Cozy hardcore now since I picked up the Winter Collection this Christmas season, it’s so versatile and looks both silver and gold in different lighting. It’s packed with glitter and only needs 2 coats for full opacity.

Playa del Platinum is a newly acquired shade, (Thanks, Inger!) and it can best be described as the resultant love child if a café latte and cement ever got together. I’m pretty sure Essie’s marketing department won’t be contacting me anytime soon for that analogy, but it really is the best description other than the term ‘greige’ (grey and beige) that I have also heard it referred to as. It self-levels and needs either three thin coats or two generous coats for full opacity.


I was a little concerned that the color would make my pale complexion look washed out, but I found that especially with the addition of an accent nail to brighten things up, this was not the case. I liked this manicure, it was subtle, work appropriate and could match almost anything. I also liked how it brought attention to my jewelry set, which I am happily wearing again now that it doesn’t have to fit under gloves.

What do you think? Do you like greige colors? Will you be trying out your own jewelry inspired manicure soon?



2 thoughts on “Jewelry inspired manicure #3: Gold & ‘Greige’

  1. maggie says:

    with a nice silver ring would look very chick.

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