Cling film marbling



Difficulty rating: 5

Polish rating: Sally Hansen B-

Marbling alternative: cling film.

Hey all,


Today’s post is about an alternative to marbled nails which is supposed to be much easier. I say ‘supposed’ because I had a really hard time with it. Looking at the pictures now, I can see that I was quite critical, and maybe if I hadn’t been so obsessed about using my new orange polish from Sally Hansen in Sun Kissed, I could have found a combination of colors I was happy with.

Sun Kissed is a nice bright and warm shade of orange, but the formula is really – really –  thin. You need at least three coats for opacity, and even then you can still see the hint of the free edge underneath. Oranges and yellows are notorious for this, though. Maybe if you put down a base of white first, the color would pop more and become more opaque.


Using a tutorial I found here, and after my base color was dry, I decided to embark on what would quickly become a losing battle between myself and my apparent marbling OCD.



Pictured here is Sun Kissed with OPI On Collins Ave on top. I painted a thick coat of On Collins Ave on top of Sun Kissed and then used a piece of saran wrap/cling film to dab at the color. The plastic picked up splotches of color, revealing the orange underneath.



Looking at it now, the manicure reminds me a bit of an ice-lolly, and might have looked nicer once the top coat came on, and I had cleaned up the edges. But I was not satisfied.



I decided to go bolder. I used Sun Kissed and then OPI Mourning Glory from the So Skullicious set. And I think the result actually would look pretty cool for Halloween.



But it was “too Halloween-y” for me and I decided to give it another go, and go a bit more discreet in my color combination choice. So I used a bronze copper color from ONLY Cosmetics in #26, which unfortunately does not seem to be sold online.


But this made me frustrated because it kind of looked like a result you’d get from the OPI shatter nail polishes (or similar cracked effect polishes), which you could use instead with much less mess and hassle. So I ended up taking that off too.

So… I remain unconvinced this round. I may try play around with this a few more times, with some other color combinations (perhaps ones that don’t have to involve orange as a base). Looking at them now, they don’t seem too bad – but the final product from the tutorial kicked all three of my attempts’ butt.


What do you think? Will you try this method out? What color combinations do you see yourself using?




4 thoughts on “Cling film marbling

  1. Jo says:

    I think that the pink and orange one looks great! Even if it is ice lolly-like 🙂 well done, nail queen!

  2. maggie says:

    I liked the pink one=)

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