Layered holo nails


Difficulty rating: 2

Polish rating: Sally Hansen: B-; Depend: A

Layering and holographic nails.

Hey all,

Today’s post is about layering your polishes to get new looks, and for today’s manicure I layered a pinkish holographic color on top of a black, resulting in a color that’s sort of rainbow-colored charcoal. Layering can allow you to create new colors and styles with your already existing colors – which is extra cool for those of us on a budget (*Cough* Endofthemonthbankaccountblues *Cough*) because the possibilities are endless!


For this manicure you will need Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Black Platinum and Depend Holographic in #2031. I usually top off my manicure with Mavala Oil Seal Dryer or OPI Rapidry Spray to help them dry faster. (If you’ve never tried any product on your nails that helps them dry quicker I can really recommend giving it a go. Some people prefer to use Seche Vite, which I’ve also heard great things about. Main bullet point is: these fast-dry top coats and sprays really do save time!)

I also used Rimmel’s Top Coat. Both as a top coat, but also as a glue to hold down the little crystals I used on my ring fingers.


I started with a black from Sally Hansen as my base color, and then I layered on Depend on top of it.


I used two coats of Sally Hansen, but if I were to wear that polish on its own it would have needed at least three generous coats for full opacity. (Hence the B-) Since I was layering, I only needed to apply two coats. Afterwards, I used two coats of Depend, to really bring out the sparkle. On its own, the holographic color from Depend is quite sheer, and would need three coats for full opacity, but it’s easy to work with and self-levels well.


Look at that sparkle! It looks amazing in sunlight!


The crystals were some I had lying around from an old t-shirt, of all things. The crystals kept falling off the shirt, so in the end I gave in and decided to use the crystals for my nail art instead. You can find lots of fun things to put on your nails in different craft or nail stores, though. Just remember to put lots of top coat on to help them stick!

I applied them by putting on a layer of top coat, then dipping the end of a toothpick in the clear polish and using that to lift the crystal onto my nails. I then gently applied a top coat over the crystal, so that I didn’t risk moving it around on my nail.





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