Marbled accent nails


Hey all,

Difficulty rating: 5-6

Polish rating: China Glaze: B; Sally Hansen: B-; Essie: A-

Summery marbled accent nails.

Today’s post is also jewelry inspired, and shows an easier and more discreet approach to marbling – accent nails. I rated the difficulty 5-6 because marbling is a messy endeavor, and you use a lot of time and polish in order to achieve the look. In a previous post, I discuss marbling in greater detail – and also refer to a great tutorial I found on another site.

(Also, in case you were wondering, yes, those are my pajamas! ;-))


For this manicure, I used Essie Lovie Dovie;  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow; Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed; and China Glaze White on White. I topped it off with Mavala Oil Seal Dryer.

I’ve discussed Lovie Dovie, White on White and the Oil Seal dryer in previous posts, but the two colors from Sally Hansen were new purchases I made, because the colors were so nice for summer. Unfortunately, as is the case with most yellows, the formula is quite thin and three coats at least are needed to reach opacity. Same case with the orange.  It might be an idea to put a white base down under these colors to really make them pop, if you’re considering purchasing these colors. For the purposes of water marbling, however, this doesn’t matter.


Originally, I decided to do a marble on all nails. I liked how they turned out when I looked at each nail separately, but the OCD control freak in me had a hard time looking at my hands as a whole – while there was the same color scheme on all ten nails, it looked a bit messy overall, and I do not have the skills to marble the same patterns on each nail. Having spent a fair amount of time (though I did tape off around my nails this time) marbling my nails I didn’t want to just start over – plus I really wanted to use my new Sally Hansen orange and yellow colors with my butterfly necklace, so I decided to leave accent nails.


For my left hand I used my thumb and my ring finger as my accent nails, and for my right hand I used my index and pinky as my accent nails.


The overall effect is a fun summery manicure that isn’t overwhelming.


What do you think? Have you tried marbling before? Would doing accent nails appeal to you more than a full marble mani?



3 thoughts on “Marbled accent nails

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  2. Setu Rohini says:

    I loved the marble effect and color choice. V fresh

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