Jewelry inspired manicure #2: Marbled Manicure



Difficulty rating: 7

Polish Rating: China Glaze: B; OPI: A

Hey all,


Today’s manicure was also jewelry inspired. I have this amazing silver quartz ring, which looks synthetic because the ‘black bits’ (highly technical term, clearly!) inside look a bit like confetti, but which is actually a naturally occurring stone in the quartz family.


Images taken from here.

It’s such an interesting set (I have the necklace and earrings, too, because I’m a sucker for sets) that it made me want to play around with my manicure. I decided to do something that has been on my “this is impossible to achieve, but so cool” list of manicures to try out. I have tried water marbling before, but with big failure and lots of mess. This time there are still a bit of bubbles on some nails – but I used a glitter polish on top of it to bring cohesiveness to the manicure, and also to mask the small bubbles and imperfections in the mani. I rated the difficulty a 7 because this one takes practice, time, and a cleanup. Not a quick manicure, that’s for sure!



For this manicure I used: China Glaze White on White;  OPI Pirouette My Whistle;  OPI Mourning Glory;  and A Rimmel Top Coat.

China Glaze White on White I have spoken about before – and is a solid choice in the range of whites, but is not completely problem free in terms of general polish. It can be streaky with problems with self-leveling, but in the case of marbling? Not an issue here. If I could do this manicure over, I’d have done a base coat of white on my nails to begin with, just to make sure the opacity on all nails was similar.

OPI Mourning Glory is another polish I’ve used in this blog (here) and it’s a nice black from the So Skullicious set I linked to above. Both Mourning Glory and White on White were used to create the marbling. OPI Pirouette my Whistle was used as a top coat of sorts (to even out and mask the small bubbles from marbling), after I was done with the marbling process. Finally, when my nails were almost dry I used my top coat from Rimmel and finished it off with Mavala’s Oil Seal Dryer.  I used the Oil Seal Dryer for the first time during this manicure, and I must say I’m impressed! It certainly does help dry my nails fast – a definite plus with the marble mani!

For this manicure I followed the instructions from this website:  except once again I did not tape off my nails, and believe me when I saw it gets MESSY! It’s a picture tutorial which explains in greater detail the steps I took next.



If you notice that your nail polish is sinking to the bottom, it could be because you are dripping it from too high above the water – try adjusting the height you drip your polish down, until you can see your polish spread across the surface. Once you have dripped a few alternations of your colors, use a toothpick to help you make swirls. Once you see a pattern you like, dip your nail in at an angle and use the toothpick to help you remove some of the residual polish as you pull your nail out of the water.

In between dropping more color into your water, remove all the residual ‘plastic-ky’ (another totally legit technical term) nail polish from the surface – this step is important because it sometimes creates an invisible film that can prevent future drops from spreading evenly across the water. I did this for each nail, and I changed the water after each hand.



Gross looking, huh? Also, quite messy.



Above is the close up of my finished nails – I had tried to do some basic clean-up of the polish around my nails and fingers from the marbling, but it really got everywhere! Some nails are nicer than others, I particularly like my left thumb, and the ‘black with lightening strike’ looking pinky on my right hand.

I didn’t get too many pictures of the process, and that’s simply because I really needed both hands. The link I posted to the tutorial above has some good photos of the dipping process, though. After that, just add on a few coats of your favorite glitter and you’re good to go!



What do you think? Have you marbled your nails before? What are your favorite color combinations? Any good tips to share?



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