Textured polishes




A post about textured and matte polishes.


Difficulty Rating: 1

Polish Rating: China Glaze: B-; OPI: A


This mani was done using China Glaze Flying dragon  and a polish from the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection in Can’t Let Go. (accent nail)


Flying Dragon is a red-based purple with tiny flecks of purple and blue glitter. The polish dried matte, and is also slightly textured, and bumpy to the touch. The formula is incredibly thin, and three coats at least are needed in order to build opacity. Can’t Let Go, on the other hand, is a blue-based purple which is super textured and bumpy to the touch, the glitter catches the light beautifully and opacity is easier to build with this polish, which also has a crazy short drying time.





Can’t let go and Get your Number are my two favorites from the OPI collection. Get your number really really reflects the light beautifully, and I received so many compliments when I wore it on my toes.




Nails have just exploded in the last two to three years. Not only are colors becoming more and more vibrant and interesting, but so many types of nail polish have appeared where producers are playing around with texture. Now you can not only have magnetic nail polish, but fuzzy/velvet nails, caviar nails and, of course, like shown above – both matte & textured polishes.


Playing around with these looks definitely makes a different statement for your nails, when compared to traditional polishes. It took me a while to get used to matte and textured polishes (especially because my nails feel so bumpy with the polish on) but aside that, I’m loving the look of them. Another bonus is that textured polish often dries quicker than regular polish, making them a good idea for quick on-the-go manicures.


I’ve tried caviar nails, and found them to be rather impractical for everyday wear – because the beads seem to fall off within 24 hours (or at least enough of them do to be noticeable) . I’ve yet to try velvet nails, and I’m incredibly curious about how that velvet interacts with water when you wash your hands, and if it lasts longer than caviar. It’s on my to-do list to try out, though.


The latest trend, emerging from Ciaté’s WOW Kits  and being released on the 23rd of April are chalkboard nails:




(Picture taken from here)


Word on the streets is that the set has a ‘black chalkboard base coat’ and comes with ‘four mini chalk pens’ with which you can draw all sorts of designs on your chalkboard nails. The set also comes along with a clear topcoat so you can seal in your designs.


While I think the nail designs in their ad could probably have been done a bit better, I really like this idea! I can’t wait ‘til these products come to Scandinavia (presumably we won’t have the same release date in our Sephora’s) and I can try them out. Nail markers? Now that sounds like something beginner’s can have fun with!


What do you think? Have you experimented with textured polishes? What kind? Would chalkboard nails appeal to you?



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