Happy Easter holidays!




Happy Easter, everyone!


Polish Rating: Maybelline: A; OPI: B; Rimmel: B; Essie: A.

Difficulty rating: 5-6/10




I started by doing a skittle manicure – with a warm range of orange, coral, peach and a hot pink color. I used Maybelline’s Express Finish in Fuschia (hot pink); OPI On Collins Ave (orange); Rimmel in Hot & Spicy (coral);  Essie in Tart Deco (peach).  


The Fuschia went on opaque in two coats, and it’s also what I used for the bunnies’ nose and ears. OPI usually doesn’t disappoint, but I felt that the formula was quite thin on this shade, and I probably should have used 3 coats for full opacity. Rimmel’s Hot & Spicy presented the same issue as OPI in this case – that the formula was thin and probably needed three coats for full opacity. Essie’s Tart Deco only needed two coats for full opacity.


I then sprayed my nails with rapidry and allowed for them to dry while I caught up on trashy tv. 




Then I used a white color to add the bunnies freehand. I used the same white from this post, but it’s really so disappointing I’ve ordered a better white from China Glaze and am awaiting its arrival in the post.


I started by making little half moons on the bottoms of my nails and then adding the ears, I did two coats for the bunnies.


In this post, I mentioned nail shapes – this manicure works really well with rounded or squoval nails because they suit the bunny faces really well. 




The next step, after your white has had a little chance to dry, is to use a mechanical pencil (or dotting tool, or nail art brush – whatever you’re comfortable with) and dip it in your pink to make the ears and the noses for the bunnies. Keep an eye on the polish, the more it’s exposed to air the tackier it becomes, and if you take too long it can become stringy. When doing your dominant hand with your non-dominant one – in this case my dominant hand is my right – use the table as a balance for your non-dominant hand, so you can better control your movements. 




Then it’s time for the eyes. I used a black color, and the end of one of my combs as a makeshift dotting tool  – but you could use a dotting tool, a mechanical pencil, or even skip this process all together and use a black sharpie.  If you use a marker, just make sure the polish is completely dry underneath it.




The bunnies are finished now. Don’t worry if you can see unevenness in the color/layers on your nail. A thick layer of top coat when everything is dry will make sure that everything looks even again. I also like to wait with the cleanup of around my nails until after everything is done. You could opt to finish your manicure now and just add a top coat, but I wanted to try something different!




For this step, you’ll need the above items. I found this hole punch on sale and though it would be a cute item for nail art. I put a piece of the scotch tape down on the glossy paper so that I could punch through with ease, and the tape wouldn’t break with such a detailed design. Then, I carefully peeled the tape off and put it on my nails, smoothing it down. I used ORLY’s Cotton Candy on the sponge and dabbed on the color through the little paw print. I waited a few seconds and then carefully removed the tape. 




Then, you have a little paw print! This photo is without top coat, and it’s best to wait a little while before applying your top coat in case you smudge your paw print. 




There you have it! With top coat! Overall I’m quite pleased with how these turned out, although another time I’d like to use a darker color for the paw print.


Have you done an Easter themed manicure? What themes did you use? I’d love to hear about your ideas! 


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