Polish review: China Glaze Luxe and Lush


Polish Review: A

This post is a review of China Glaze’s Luxe and Lush, part of their Hunger Games Nail Polish: Capitol Colors collection.

I remember the first time I found out that some brands of nail polish had a ‘back story’ or inspiration for their collections (other than the obvious ‘spring’ or ‘summer’ collections). I’m not sure how I managed to remain oblivious about this for so long, but my new found interest in nail polish has definitely opened my eyes to many new trends. The first polish I ever noticed was from a collection designed  for a particular feeling/event/what-have-you was OPI’s Limited Edition New York City Ballet Collection, Pirouette My Whistle, which is a clear polish with micro glitter and bigger pieces of glitter combined in such an elegant way that it quickly became one of my favorites. Looking at the bottle, it seemed to make sense to me that this shade be inspired by ballet and ballerinas because the glitter reminded me of a tutu I once had (when I was 8 and optimistic enough to try my hand at activities that required coordination and grace).  I thought it was such a creative notion to try and make a nail polish resemble a feeling or a particular thing, that I soon began paying attention to the names of the polishes I bought. Imagine my excitement when I heard about the Hunger Games collection from China Glaze.

Each of the polishes in this China Glaze collection is designed to represent a district or theme from the films/books:

  • Stone Cold is a matte graphite glittery polish, designed to represent District 2: Masonry.
  •  Riveting is designed to represent District 3: Technology, and is a bright tangerine-y kind of orange.
  • Hook and Line is a pewter metallic color, designed to represent District 4: Fishing.
  • For District 5: Power, Electrify is a clear-based color packed with red and yellow gold glitter.
  • Fast track, representing District 6: Transportation, is a ‘cool beige’ with micro-flecks of gold.
  • District 7: Lumber, is Mahogany Magic – a brown crème polish.
  • District 8: Textiles, Dress Me Up, is a dusty rose color.
  •  The 9th District: Grain, is a foil metallic copper color called Harvest Moon.
  •  Foie Gras, District 10: Livestock, is represented with a brownish/mauve crème polish.
  •  Agro is District 11 – Agriculture, and is a metallic olive green with small flecks of gold.
  •  District 12: Mining is a black with blue micro-flecks called Smoke and Ashes.

While I thought that all of the colors were creatively designed to mimic or represent a district, I felt as though many of the colors were close to something I already owned. Luxe & Lush is for District 1: Luxury, and was by far my favorite in the collection. Since you can’t buy China Glaze in Denmark, I carefully scanned over swatches online and fell more and more in love with this unique color. It’s described on Amazon as an “Iridescent, opal-toned orange, pink, blue and green mylar flake glitter in a clear base nail polish color”, and that’s probably closer than any of my attempts to describe it would be.


Oh the sparkles! It shines so nicely in the light! This is three coats, because I didn’t want to do a review of a polish on top of another color – but I have to say that the glitter is generous and relatively easy to place, though the pieces are bigger than I’m used to and do need a bit of moving around. 1-2 coats on top of a colored base would do you just fine. I see myself wearing this over pinks, pearly whites and fun summery colors.


On its own it’s a really shiny and fun color (that’s rather hard to capture on camera) that I’d love to wear on a beach holiday – especially since when clear-based glitter chips it’s not as noticeable as full colors. This means it’d be a good choice for a long weekend getaway, where you might not have the chance (or inclination) to touch up your nails or remove a chipped color. I once went to the beach wearing a gorgeous blue on my fingers and toes, and the color didn’t exactly chip as much as it … well, slid off. This strangeness happened on two toes and one finger making my feet especially look really weird from afar. I had no nail polish remover with me on that holiday, nor any shops to purchase it at, so since then I like to think about wear-ability  lest I relive the ‘freaky feet’ incident. Needless to say, that would definitely not be an issue with this shade!

What do you think? Is this a polish you’d wear? What do you think of the collection itself? What’s your favorite collection?



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