Minnie Manicure


Hey all!

Today’s manicure is inspired by none other than Minnie Mouse herself – a lady that always pulls off wearing polka dots.

Difficulty rating: 4/10

Polish rating: Essie: A; Depend: C

For this manicure, I used Snap Happy from Essie – one of three in the set I used for this post. It’s a warm tomato red, which not only makes it suitable for both day and night-time wear, but also doesn’t overwhelm my really pale winter skin. I also used Depend’s White color in shade 31.

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate this simple manicure:


I don’t have a dotting tool, but I found out that the end of a bobby/hair pin works just fine for dotting.  I put a bit of the white nail polish on the back of a stamping plate so that I could dip my bobby pin in and make the dots without the polish seeping through paper. I waited for a little while for the polish to become a little more tacky, since my only white is a very thin color that needs three coats to become opaque. I practiced my dotting on a scrap piece of paper first, and when I felt confident in my dotting skills I started on my accent nail. I started right by the cuticle and worked my way up to the tip from there.


I tessellated the dots, rather than draw them right above each other for two reasons: 1. It gives the polka dots a more ‘authentic’ feel, and 2. it means that you don’t have to be as perfect in your application. Which is useful when you’re doing your non-dominant hand.


I tried to capture the red in different lights – it’s so hard to really capture the true color during this dark season in Denmark. I feel like I have every lamp in the house turned on! I can’t wait for spring – which is maybe why I chose to do such a bright and happy mani. I love the way this looks with my white daisy ring – it really makes the colors pop.


I rated this manicure a 4/10 for difficulty because it does require a steady and patient hand when you’re using your non-dominant hand to paint. I think choosing to do an accent nail makes this manicure much more accessible than a full manicure – where both time and effort increase (along with the possibility of making a mistake).

What do you think? Is this a manicure that you’d like to try yourselves? Have you tried dotting before?



3 thoughts on “Minnie Manicure

  1. Awesome stuff darling – and great job with the dotting! I always mess that up, my dotted finger ends up looking all wonky and uneven. Can’t wait for what’s next 😛 xox

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m definitely excited to do a bit more dotting and see if I can do multiple nails next time with it still looking even! So glad you’re enjoying the posts! x

  2. […] out with an interest in nails. You can often use stuff you already have lying around. Like in this post, I used a bobby pin instead of a dotting tool – & now that I know that I a) can do dots, and […]

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