St. Patty’s Day


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Today’s post is an easy St. Patty’s day manicure – so you’re sure not to be pinched on the day! 😉 Green is one of my favorite colors, and I’m so glad to have gotten my hands on this beautiful polish!

Polish Rating:A

Difficulty: 2/10

For this manicure I used China Glaze: Running in circles, inspired from their Cirque du Soleil collection. It is the shiniest metallic green I have ever laid eyes upon, and the photos do not do it justice. I used three thin coats to get full opaqueness, but you could probably do it in two thick coats. The formula was lovely, no streaks at all.

Recently, I found out about this website, which ships internationally for free and has all sorts of goodies when it comes to nail polish. Those of you living in Denmark may know that you cannot purchase China Glaze over here for reasons unbeknownst to me. Finding this webpage has opened Pandora’s box for my nail polish collection & I can almost hear my wallet tremble in fear. It’s based in England, which means that customs was not a problem within the EU – the only thing to be aware of is that the free shipping can take a little longer than your patience allows for. 😉

This is how China Glaze: Running in Circles looks on it’s own:


This green in insanely green. How green you ask? I’ll let Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod explain:

I tried to capture it in different lights, but it is truly hard to find a picture that shows just how green this nail polish is. The final picture with nail art is a good indication of the vibrancy of the green, and the swatches from here and here also give a good indication of how it looks IRL.

While the color itself is gorgeous, and I can see myself wearing this again and again (and if I ever find a red and/or gold color that matches it’s shininess I will truly be complete) I thought I would make it look a bit more funky with some nail stickers, since I was going to two parties this weekend.

The nail stickers I used were from OPI: So Skullicious set I picked up during the Christmas sales. They were unlike many nail stickers I have used before in terms of application, but it wasn’t too complicated. Here is what you need:


According to the instructions, you need to do the following:

1. Allow your nail polish to dry completely.

2. Remove the protective film from the sheet of stickers.

3. Select which stickers you want to use, and cut out the desired decal and dip it in warm water for 10 seconds. (I used tweezers to hold on to mine)

4. Moisten the surface of the nail (I dipped my accent nail in the warm bowl of water while I dipped the decal in)

5. Do NOT flip the decal over; instead, gently slide the decal off the paper and into position on the nail. (I used tweezers to gently push the sticker off the paper backing and on to my nail)

6. Once in position on the nail, gently blot with dry tissue. (With both the decal and your nail being moistened you have some freedom in moving the decal around on your nail – another reason it’s important to let your polish dry before applying).

7. Seal in with Top Coat and you’re good to go! (I used OPI’s topcoat with two coats).

Here’s the final result:


I know St. Patty’s day has naught to do with sugar skulls, but the combination of the green with the white decals was too pretty to resist.

What about you? What are your favorite St. Patty’s day manicures? How will you be celebrating today?



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