Simple hearts


New birthday nail polishes – these are from an Essie 2012 Winter Collection set of three (not pictured is Snap Happy, a gorgeous tomato red).  The set retailed on sale for DKK 105,- but I can’t seem to find the set online, so I’ve linked to each individual color. 

Great idea for Christmas or Valentines Day.

Difficulty rating: 2-3

Polish rating: A

Leading lady is a translucent red ‘stain’ more than it is an opaque red. It’s packed with loads of red glitter that applied relatively evenly – though it took three coats to get it looking as you see in the picture. Beyond cozy is a super glittery gold and silver (in some lights it looks light gold, and in others, silver), and its surprisingly thick formula meant that it only took two coats to completely cover my nail in glitter.

I think that the red and gold/silver work really well together : the sparkles really complement each other and the manicure feels both romantic and festive. I can imagine wearing this combo again on Valentine ’s Day, or for Christmas (without the heart, but maybe a Christmas ornament instead?). I applied the hearts by dipping the tip of a mechanical pencil in some of the Essie: leading lady that I put on a scrap piece of paper and slowly forming the hearts. As always, your non-dominant hand can be a bit more of a challenge to paint – but if you lean the base of your (painting hand’s) palm on the table, it should help you feel more steady!

The shape of the brush and the amount of nail polish the brush holds means that applying the base coat for this was a piece of cake (even for a shaky-handed , impatient lady like me), and with my OPI rapidry spray I could get on with my life from ‘start’ to ‘dry-enough-to-be-able-to-cook-dinner’ – in under 45 minutes.  Without the hearts this manicure still looks super cute – and is much less time consuming.

What do you think? Is this a manicure you feel like you could wear for Christmas or Valentines?



One thought on “Simple hearts

  1. […] this manicure, I used Snap Happy from Essie – one of three in the set I used for this post. It’s a warm tomato red, which not only makes it suitable for both day and night-time […]

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